Coinbase Smart Wallets: Now live on Avantis

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2 min readJun 19, 2024


Smart wallets are the next iteration of crypto wallets. Powered by Coinbase, account abstraction and passkeys, smart wallets enable seamless onboarding of traders and liquidity providers to Avantis.

What are smart wallets

A wallet is your entry point into crypto, but let’s be honest: wallets are hard. Hard to onboard to, hard to secure (because of private key management), and in general, a very clunky experience. Coinbase has pioneered a new era of “smart” wallets — wallets that use technologies like account abstraction behind the scenes, to allow users to perform several novel actions like:

  1. Instant wallet creation from within Avantis
  2. Securing your wallet and logging in with your biometrics (Face ID, touch ID). No more seed phrases !
  3. Fully portable wallet across the onchain landscape, without security sacrifices
  4. Onboard USDC , ETH and other assets directly from your account to your smart wallet.
  5. Not paying gas for your transactions on Avantis (via gas sponsorship)

Get started with smart wallets !

Here’s how to get started in <1 min!

  • Go to “Create wallet” on
  • Fund the wallet: With your existing EOA (on base network), or using your Coinbase account (via Coinbase Pay!)
  • Add atleast $10 of ETH and USDC to get started
  • Avantis will automatically sponsor all trades, as well as LP deposits !

Avantis <> Coinbase

Avantis went all in on Base last year. As one of the first Base ecosystem fund backed protocols, we were building on Base before it was even live. The smart wallet partnership brings us one step closer towards our vision of building the premier onchain derivatives hub on Base.

About Avantis

Avantis is a an onchain leveraged trading and market-making platform. Trade cryptocurrency, forex and commodities with up to 100x leverage, or power trades on the platform as a liquidity provider. Avantis gives advanced risk management tools to traders and liquidity providers for the use and provision of trading leverage. Avantis is built on Coinbase’s Base blockchain, and is backed by industry leading investors such as Pantera, Founders Fund, Galaxy Digital and Coinbase Ventures.

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