Avantis Testnet Questing Campaign — Powered by Galxe

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2 min readDec 7, 2023

With ~8,000+ traders, over $500 million in perpetuals volume, and 45,000+ in total trades so far, our public testnet has kicked off with incredible support over the span of our first two weeks!

At Avantis, our mission is to create the most accessible and advanced perpetuals DEX, via superior risk management for liquidity providers and a seamless, one-click experience for users looking to trade crypto & RWA perpetuals with up to 100x leverage.

To commemorate our public testnet launch, we’re thrilled to introduce our testnet community questing initiative. This initiative, powered by our friends at Galxe, aims to educate new users about Avantis and how to get started with our platform. You can visit our campaign and participate here: https://galxe.com/avantis/campaign/GCfUctUu1e

Any user that completes all eligible quests will be able to claim a special, exclusive questing NFT on Base mainnet as a reward. This NFT is only for commemorative purposes and cannot be transferred or traded. There is no monetary value attached to this NFT and we intend it to be a fun way of celebrating our early supporters

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord and follow our Twitter to stay in the loop with product updates, community events, and to get to know fellow onchain traders and LPs.

Questions on our questing or testnet experience in general? We’d love to hear from you! Your feedback is crucial in ensuring we curate the absolute best perpetuals trading experience for everyone.

There’s much more to come, with an upcoming testnet trading competition, more community events, and our planned mainnet launch early next year. Come join the Avantis community and grow with us!

Avantis is a an onchain leveraged trading and market-making platform. Trade cryptocurrency, forex and commodities with up to 100x leverage, or power trades on the platform as a liquidity provider. Avantis gives advanced risk management tools to traders and liquidity providers for the use and provision of trading leverage. Avantis is built on Coinbase’s Base blockchain, and is backed by industry leading investors such as Pantera, Founders Fund, Galaxy Digital and the Base Ecosystem Fund.

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